Monday 31 January 2011

Has to start somewhere - so it may as well be here

Hi there!
Why am I here and what do I want to post? Well primarily it is my aim to keep a track of my car and the evolution of a modern day classic. Including all the trials and tribulations associated with it. As I have decided to start this, especially when I consider that I am more than half way through the renovation/modification, is all down to bad planning… You will see a lot of that as we journey together on this adventure of 1001 surprises. So, hello and welcome to my blog!

How she started out when she first came home!


  1. She obviously brings you hours of joy! A renovation and modification is something that SHOULD be shared in terms of a modern day classic. Good luck!

  2. We will go under bonnet shortly, after all there is a new bonnet catch waiting!


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