Thursday 7 February 2013

Exedy Racing Clutch

I wrote this up back in September 2012 and promptly forgot to post it!

Anyway I went for a fun day out on the drag strip at the end of last summer. It rained a lot and I managed to crack the clutch pressure plate. So requiring a new one!

Who knew that this day out would prove such a pain, although I learned that there is an art to drag racing (which I don't seem to have!)

Really there isn't a lot of choice when it comes to buying a clutch and it comes down to two things. Expensive or really bloody expensive. In an ideal world I would have gone for a twin plate, alas the real world in which I inhabit and the urgent need for a car meant I had to go with the best I could scrape the pennies together for. 

 You can't go far wrong with an Exedy clutch and I went with the paddle design as it claims to be able to take marginally more abuse than the more conventional design. It seemed counter intuitive to me at the time as how can four little faces be more 'grippy' than a whole plate!
 There is nothing special about the housing over that of the standard design. To be honest it's rating is slightly below that of my car, although should be fine for normal spirited driving.
The gearbox was removed to fit the clutch, under normal circumstances I would have said this was a lot of work. However I was very wrong and it was whipped off in a few minutes really. 

I included a couple of gearbox snaps as it's such a pretty one. The evidence of a melted clutch can be seen quite clearly.. Ahem.

My old clutch and pressure plate. You can really see how much damage the poor thing suffered reducing it to scrap..

I just love Japanese instructions. Happy clutch! 

The mythical clutch bearing. It always amazes me how many idiots there are that get the wrong one fitted! 

Whilst I was at Serious Performance Autos, God of Skylines himself (Andy) in a fit of generosity donated (at a reasonable price) this item of super rareness.. A Momo Steering wheel, designed specifically as an option on a R33 Spec 2 Skyline! 

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