Monday 18 March 2013

LED Dashboard lights - revisited

Gah, Per my previous post. The lack of being able to dim the LED set up is frustrating. The lights have gone from super dim originals to super bright now and I can only have described the night time driving experience as a bit too bright for my liking!
So abandon and go back or search out something a bit more subtle? Well I can't leave well enough alone at standard now can I? So says I, if the set up is a bit too bright then the ideal solution is to go for less bulbs and instead of a nine SMD bulb, I thought I would try a five SMD. Additionally as I would prefer a green illumination I would get coloured bulbs this time instead of the blinding white ones (good for a Sun tan though).
The bulbs were obtained from eBay and were just under £7 UK Pounds and at Pocket money price I didn't mind if it was going to be a disaster!

As previously, I whipped out the dash and replaced the five bulbs one at a time ensuring that they lit up before reassembling the dashboard (remember polarity is critical on these and to just turn the bulb around if not lit).
The camera makes them appear brighter up close
This time around I think I cracked the problem. and the instruments lit up a brighter than standard, yet not 'super nova' bright. You can see on the last picture that they are slightly dimmer towards the bottom, which in my book says that this is about right on brightness!

 I naturally can't vouch for how long the bulbs will last out though and with the white set I tried previously, one bulb did go 'out' although this was due to it moving in its holder (they were big long bulbs though).

I'm going to call this mod complete!

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