Thursday 25 April 2013

Front Plate Surround

After much attacking with a Dremel hand cutter, I managed to get my plate surround into a condition good enough to fit!
A facinating fact I had not given much thought to is that in the US many States do not require front plates (although this may have changed now). Additionally the recess for the plate on the Skyline is practically a perfect fit. Quite ironic as I will not be using it, preferring instead to mount the plate slightly above it, thereby enabling more airflow.
Generally I'm pleased with the results in the two main vital areas. The first being, it looks good and the second? It was cheap!
Looking on line, the only purpose made carbon surround actually weighed in at a whopping 70 UK pounds. I think in Europe this should be called a real carbon tax!
Please excuse the poor quality of pictures!

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