Monday 5 August 2013

Header Tank Lid

Compared to some mods this is possibly hardly worth a mention! But as it's me I am going to drone on with the details anyway.
Originally I painted my yellow header tank bottle lid with some Plasti Dip coating. This is a cool spray 'paint' that sprays fine coats of coloured rubber over your work piece. Takes ages to build a decent layer up though and the temptation is to blast it thickly on. I was never blown away with the finish, as it lifted around the raised lettering on the cap, the handy thing about plasi dip spray, is that it (like latex) just peels off.

I then sprayed a plastic finish on the cap, I admit to probably doing this in a hurry. The finish didn't adhere very well and in fact came off the top face completely. So basically I had made the cap look a million times worse.

I was under the hood messing about with the plumbing of the turbo pipes and on my millionth break from contorting myself into stupid positions thought. Ah here's a good break, will finish that cap off.

So without much thought and a rummage around in my paints I managed to spray it in primer and then satin black. I then thought it would be cool to hydro-graphic dip the thing and mucked about at that, following up with a coat of clear coat for protection.

The glorious weather continued and I so didn't have anything better to do, in fact I dozed off to sleep at one point!

yellow (with a hint of primer, had to pick off the fluff)

Looks grey? Well I swear it was satin black!

Top view, you can see where a moments indecision on my dipping technique caused a mild confusion in the finished product. It will do me though! 

The carbon effect wrapped itself all the way around filling the grooves. 
So if nothing else, this is a clear demonstration that not everything has to be a hard grind and that on occasion modding can be entertaining (in a silly way).

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  1. Karl, can you explain the dipping process please? Is it paint or a sticker? Very interesting...



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