Monday 20 January 2014

It's a wrap

Sometimes I wish I could stand back and actually say "its a wrap" on the relentless work that gets put into the Skyline. However it isn't and I can't.. Like an addiction I am compelled to work on it, especially with deadlines approaching (of which more to come later).

So, I have the requirement of getting rid of my stainless steel heat shield in the engine bay. This in itself isn't too much work as it is only held in by three bolts, so I thought I could cope. The only downside with the removal is the mess it leaves behind when looking at the slam panel. This has been a constant source of annoyance and has been painted a couple of times already, so make this a third! This time however I filled the holes left for the heat shield/aid box and if I don't say myself made quite a tidy job of things.
Slam Panel 'in Paint'

However I do like a bit of a fiddle and basically thought "well that was easy". Surely there is some way I can make this a lot harder for myself.
In Progress

So whilst lounging upon the sofa surfing the web I brought a length of 4D carbon wrap. I was obviously not really thinking about what I was doing though (as I'm sure we have all done) and only looked at the width not taking into account the length of the roll of wrap. So with enough vinyl wrap for a whole car I set about my task.
4D Carbon Wrap

It was pretty easy actually, although I was getting better at it as I went along (naturally). I found a hair dryer would make the material pretty flexible with a bit of stretching and pulling to get the form around more interesting shapes. I did find that it wouldn't pay to try and go around tight internal corners, choosing to cut and apply another strip in these areas. Overlapping does produce an edge, although I couldn't see a better way of doing it. So all in all a good job and was good to put my wall papering skills to the test.

Finished Job

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