Sunday 6 March 2011

Finish post in sight

Had my favourite garage message me the other day, the last big chunk of work is going to require 12 hours labour and a further 4 hours tuning time at Abbey. Additionally the wheel alignment will help push up the bill!

So not content with breaking the bank, I asked about getting the rear windows tinted. I have resisted the urge to just do it as am convinced it is a bit 'common' looking. What changed my mind? Standing back and looking at the car!

No! Ms Skyline is still a sexy lady, perhaps like all stars she wants some shades eh?

The law in the UK is currently that you can tint rear sides and the back windows only now, this changed due to accidents being blamed on tinted windows, where young people would have Limo black tints in the front of cars and be unable to see out at night. The law now being that a Police officer can actually make you remove tinted film at the side of the road.

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