Monday 7 March 2011

R33 Power Steering Reservoir and rocker cover fitted

Rocker Cover

Well lets start with the rocker cover. As my previous post I was having some difficulty with hole locations and although I had left one screw out, felt that it would be an easy fit. This was wrong. No way would the screw go into the last hole and considering I was not overly happy with the others I decided to remove the cover and open up the holes on one side to allow a little more clearance.

The main reason why this was important to do is naturally because as the actual metal rocker covers are made from Aluminium it would be very easy to cross thread them with the harder stainless steel screws. Not that I would do this, but a garage mechanic probably would not be as careful as I!
Being stainless steel the holes were difficult to open up, at first I used a reamer tool to attack them and then switched to a HSS drill to 'ream' out the hole.

Although the fit is much improved now I am considering sourcing some plastic 'cups' for the screws to sit in, this would allow me to drill out the fixing holes a size larger, curing all fitting problems.

Power Steering Reservoir

This was somewhat easier (as are most of EFL's parts) to fit. The actual fitment being, remove the reservoir cap, drop the cover into place and refit cap. A child of five could do it! The actual fitment over the reservoir itself is super tight.
As you can see from the picture it sits very tidy just above the heat shield of the air inlet.

Front view
Shame there isn't a cap to go with the cover!


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