Wednesday 3 August 2011

The art of Ms Skyline

A good friend of mine Caroline (Cazzer) decided to cheer me up with some graphics of Ms Skyline. She is still messing about with them but sent me a taste of what she can do. I love the effect so far, what do you think?
I can't help but look at her!
I always find it difficult to take a 'good' picture of the car, what with it being black it tends to reflect everything. When Cazza offered to create something interesting I was delighted and hope to be able to get it printed on some specialist paper (like a canvas or heavy type). So I can frame it for the wall.

Is funny, regardless of how cool (or even uncool) it is, I really don't have any photo's of my cars from history past. This is not going to happen with Ms Skyline.
I took a few pictures the other day and although (typically) at time of posting I forgot to bring my camera, will upload a few of the better ones.

Stop the press! I was just sent an updated picture with some of the missing detail in. I had better post it or Caroline will kill me.

Is all in the detail!

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  1. Heh, glad you like it and it was my pleasure! Fun working on this, I do think I now know every pixel of her :p.


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