Tuesday 30 August 2011

GTST Spec 2 Indicators

I may have touched on this simple upgrade in the past. But on the weekend (we had a nice long one) My friend (Dr Evil) popped round to see if we could make his indicators (or as the say in Japan 'Winkers' or repeaters) a little less 'in your face'.
I have seen conversions done on the indicators before where the lens has been replaced with some other lump of plastic, usually hacked out of a strip light cover. I myself did experiment with a old fog light lens, grinding away all of the surrounding glass and cutting the amber portion away from the indicator. However both of these methods are unsatisfactory and I'm big headed enough to say that as an experienced model maker you need better tools for the job!
Standard GTST Spec 2 Indicators
I have heard of a mythical after market set of front indicators that actually come with a clear lens. But until the day I touch it with my finger and go 'ooooh' this will have to remain a myth.

After Tinting with film.
Actually there is a third option.. This would be to fit the four door version of the indicators (which are kinda clear). These look very similar to the older Spec 1 indicators (see the four door posting). Only down side to doing this would be getting hold of some as they are rare. Even though I did manage to get some they are no good to me as they come with a grille that fills the lower air intake. Alas I have the NISMO front splitter style on my car which would preclude this from being feasible. I have still kept the parts just in case I go mad and change the nose in the future.

Anyway, if you look at the pictures you will see that the simplest and most effective way of 'taming' the indicators is to simply use some window tint film.
Make a template from paper, tracing around the indicator lens (remember it's not perfectly round).
Give lens a good clean.
Cut out two circles from your tint film (remembering right and left hands)
Squirt some slightly soapy water on lens (so you can slide the film into position)
Remove air bubbles etc, with a credit card or similar (place masking tape over the edge)
Use a hair dryer to conform the film around the edges of the lens.

Job done. Your car is now cool!

Adds a bit of excitement to a dull street to see the Skylines!

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  1. Oh. Can you do this on a Ford Ka too?



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