Monday 28 November 2011

The reason for pipe work..

I have been working pretty flat out lately on the car, well perhaps 'flat out' is pushing it a bit. I have been working on and off a bit on the car lately. Getting it to the theoretical 'finished' state, yes I have 'in my mind' a finished state for the car. The point where I say 'it's done'!
Anyway per my previous post about silicone pipes and hose braiding.. My good friend 'Dal' sent me a picture of the engine bay just after it had been completed by Serious Performance Autos.
Handy as I didn't take a before shot to compare with the after! You can see here that the only hose available at the time was in a rather fetching 'blue'. I include it not only for the the 'reveal' pictures of the finished item but also for your entertainment and delight!

My slightly suspicious blue 'sex toy' attachment in engine bay.

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