Friday 31 May 2013

Blogs of Note

How to become a Blog of Note. All you need to know but were afraid to ask.

I was curious to flick through Googles carefully selected 'Blogs of Note' and a strange selection it turned out to be! There I am all ready for some of the top remarks available to a world wide audience, maybe something a little controversial to tickle my fancy. Instead it would appear that Blogs of Note entirely are chosen not for the literal content, but instead for their picture content! I would let that go but it also appears that a fair few of them are pretty crappy pictures, that even my mobile phone could beat, if I was standing on one leg, blindfolded, hoping up and down.

A picture of my car (to keep you all going)
Naturally this sounds a little 'hard cheese' on my part, well it's not, as I continue to be amazed at the fact that there are a handful of folk out there that find some diary about an obscure car, made back in the 90's remotely interesting!
Giving some advanced cogitation to this, regular readers will no doubt be pleased to know that I am planning on maintaining my usual rambling standards of interestingly angled shots and unwise decisions!

On the other side of this grubby coin it may be that whilst desperately looking for how to become a Blog of Note you have fallen onto my corner of the net via a search engine, . In that case, welcome!

I shall view the stats with hooge interest!

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