Thursday 30 May 2013

The art of failing

Sometimes things never seem to quite go to plan, be it true love, work, the idea of having an early night... you get the idea.

It was after the fitting of my front number plate that I thought it would be a good idea to match up the rear number plate in its style and look. The one I had fitted was fine, no problem, although it had a black border, which, for some unknown reason always offended my eye to look at! It also had plain black characters, whereas the front now had carbon effect characters. Generally these differences were but small, tiny things, but the remedy was cheap and easy so why not?

If I had known what a saga I was letting myself in for I may have thought twice! I ordered a standard rear yellow plate from the same place I got my front from, secure in the knowledge that it would be of high quality and at 13x7 inches, just drop straight into the holder (no mucking about this time). After a week had passed of non receipt of my order, I contacted the seller with the usual message of 'um, where is it?' Next day there was the message apologising for the delay and that a replacement was being sent straight out. So I wait and after a week, mail the supplier 'not got it yet'. I was then surprised by the supplier giving me an instant refund, so I guess that was the end of that one.

To the internet I go and looked at the web site of I sent them a mail enquiry and to give them their due, they called me right back. So we discussed the fascinating world of number plates "have you heard about Carbon Fibre Gel Characters" they asked and waxed lyrical about how very cool looking they were, with the added bonus of being street legal as well. They actually worked out eye wateringly expensive, considering a plate cost in excess of £40 but I never let budget get in the way of a bad idea and the deal was done.

Not that I'm an un-trusting chap, but I did back up everything discussed with an email spelling out the admittedly limited requirements. A yellow rear plate, the registration, over two lines and Carbon Gel Characters.

A week passes, no plate, so a mail later and am advised it will be sent soon. A few more days pass, a mail chasing, am advised they are waiting on a letter! Okay I can stand it and wait another week, when joy!


Plate arrives, is nothing like as ordered. Numbers are on one line instead of two and the characters are plain old black (and a bit blobby).
The seller was quite apologetic and put the blame onto his manufacturer. He did offer me a full refund and said he would also still try to fulfil his commitment. To date I have not seen either, but as paid on credit card can always claim money back (I think).
Well okay forget all that and back to the drawing board. Third seller now, price suspiciously cheap, same old requirements. Well it only turned up in two days and as the ultimate in anti climax, I took all of a minute to stick it onto the car. Job done and it only took just over a month to complete! Okay lesson learned then.

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