Monday 29 February 2016

Engine build up

Now the all the parts are here the car is going back together. Although as it is the 24th February it is not an ideal time to call an anniversary! 

Having the super shiny sump fitted at MGT Motorsport is a major lurch in the right direction though. 

A bead of the sticky stuff

And on she goes (never to come off I hope). 

MGT certainly do not hang around

Ric Woods Machined head with Tomie Pom cams in place

Looks more like an engine (as I know it) every minute. 

Much shining N1 goodness on show here

Even as I type pictures keep flowing in..

Custom made and red crackle coated front cover back on

6 Boost Exhaust Manifold welded back up

Should help keep everything in place and no leaks! 

Mark at MGT gave me a slight telling off for the cap head bolts holding the covers on (he wants everything 'correct' which is nice). The Nissan ones have a flange etc. so tighten up with equal force and although am sure these are lovely. Ms Skyline does like the odd sparkle and it looks like they did tighten up okay.

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