Thursday 17 January 2019

Nose job and bum tuck picture post

Confucius say, man who runs behind car will get exhausted, but man who runs in front of car will get tired.

So anyway following on from my last post, here is the collection of dynamic action shots of car parts in various stages of paint. Naturally it will get added to as the work progresses... unless things go horribly wrong... that's when this post vanishes and we never speak of it again. 

Gratuitous link and thanks to the following folk - included for reference and delight.

Fully Loaded Cars (Paint Shop) 
EastBear sports (Body Kit)
TGR Motorsport (Wheel Nuts)
EFI Solutions (Wing Emblems)

N1 Detail on vent

Masterpiece Bumper (Fnaarrrr!)

Bumper and splitter

Winkers ... (snigger)
Test Fit

Hidden parts need love too
Side skirt supports and crash bar

Front upright for grill/bonnet catch

Front splitter

Intercooler now devoid of stone chips

Primer coat

Vent work
There are things in life where you think "I could do that, given the tools and time" well fabricating vents in the fenders is one that given the tools and a lot of time... I reckon I would still be struggling to pass 'go' let alone be on the beach vigorously towelling myself off. As it is my car these photos hold a strange and worrying fascination. I have always advocated hitting things with a hammer, but not usually bodywork!

Action shot

You are all encouraged to try this at home.

Assorted Musings: If you are compelled to ask 'how much?' then you probably can't afford it. 

If I was clever I would have just brought another pair of wings to have chopped up and kept the others as spares. But then owning the car isn't particularly clever in the first place, so it all balances out.

Automotive art, is it a thing? Or is that John Lennon's badly painted Rolls Royce?

18/01/2019 progress pictures
Progress on vents

Clearer shot of mesh in vents


Parts Order of new GT emblems for fenders. At least I will be back to standard on something. A pair ordered brand new from EFI Solutions in Australia.

Steady progress is being made on the vented wings at Fully Loaded Cars and they are starting to look respectable again!


The wings/fenders are moving on at a good pace now and starting to look like wings/fenders again. 

More assorted musings (I know.. I love to muse)
When is a fender a wing?
"Back in the day" British designers (yes Britain used to design and manufacture cars, just reference the Austin Allegro) after putting down their HB pencils from designing Spitfires etc. Looked upon the flowing sweeping curves with poetic eyes, finding them to resemble the wings of birds. So in the UK, fenders became wings. 
Meanwhile 'over there' in the USA the designers gave them the name fenders, which reflects their purpose. To stop rubbish being thrown up from the road, fending off the detritus. 

In the UK we still call fenders wings although the meaning has now been lost with them becoming more integrated into a cars overall shape. 1-0 to the USA then. Personally I quite like the word "fender" as it means in an accident we can have "fender benders". However no one in the UK would say that for fear of being adjudged to be an "idiot" or in the USA a "dumb ass". 

The Japanese use the word fender which translated is fendaa 

22/01/2019 (PM)

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