Monday 23 September 2019

Flight of Fancy

I mean c'mon! There can't be anything left can there?

I swear my money talks, it mostly says goodbye. Especially when it comes to old cars which have way too much power for their own good. The current trend seems to be more and more these days not to modify a Skyline and leave it as standard as possible. Apparently that is where the value is!

Yes, yes I wish my car were like that, boring and predictable!

So what I been at this time? Well will tell you.

Kept on hearing about the startling results of the Garrett Turbo GTX3076 2nd generation (I have the original). It started out simple, like all I need to do to upgrade my setup is replace the core on my current Garrett. Now not that I need to, but may as well unlock the potential.... Nice cheap mod...

Actually no, I would also need to upgrade the wategate from a 44mm to a 50mm. This means chopping off the old one and welding on new. Obviously this is to the manifold which also would need to be removed and reattached. Not to mention once the whole is reassembled the car would require mapping.

Now considering I can't weld or map that adds 'garage services' to the mix.

Should have said no. In fact I thought, no. But my voice said yeesssss
Not only did it say yes to changing the turbo and wastegate but it also said "hey, lets fit a crank trigger kit as well!"

Updates coming soon...

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