Thursday 7 April 2011

delays ahead

The modifications have been continuing at a fast pace now. All that is left to do is fit the adjustable rear camber arms for wheel alignment. However unfortunately Ms Skyline has run into a snag, whereby I can't get any dyno time at the tuners (Abbey Motorsport) until May 6th.
Abbey run a drag car and are preparing it for the Easter weekend (22nd April).

I could run the car at a steady pace with upto 0.5 bar boost and 4k RPM but really that would be a major step in the backwards direction.
My options are that I could go with another tuners, but Andy at Serious Performance Auto's has advised against that.

So am a bit stuck and will just have to wait it out. Slightly frustrating as it means my forthcoming touring holiday is now all off and I will be sitting around. Still can't be helped! Naturally the thought sticks in the head that four hours of tuning should be do'able, although if a slot comes up they will fit the car in. So there is the outside chance, although I won't hold my breath!

I must admit I did have my suspicions that Abbey would let me down, no big reason for this, other than having spoken to them once and having seen a few people complain about them not coming back to them. The main reason I am sticking to them is personal reccomendation. After all I got off to a shakey start with the car, when I had it tuned at Rising Sun. They managed to practically keep the actual performance of the car the same, build in a terrible misfuelling judder on mild acceleration, scratch the wing and charge me a load of cash up front for the privilege. So now I'm actually back at the stage of 'everything sorted', I am hesitant to trust the car to anyone else that 'say' they know what they are doing.

I suppose I did call the blog 'adventures in motoring' Although not quite the adventure I had hoped for!


  1. :(

    So there is a small chance they have time? I will help you hope!


  2. hey there....

    i love the front lip on your car...i have EXACTLY the same car...rims too :) please tell me what lip it is..where can i get email address is be awesome to hear from you...thnx mate


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