Tuesday 5 April 2011

Fuelling - Injectors, pressure regulator and pump

At this stage of modification we can't modify one thing without having to modify a whole other section. So  along with a bigger turbo all the fuelling has to be looked at.

Larger 555 Injectors: When factory standard injectors reach their maximum capacity, they can no longer flow any additional fuel for higher boost levels.
So... Any time you force more air into a car engine, you need to compensate with more fuel to correctly meter the air fuel mixture, since a turbo adds more air, you need more fuel to make the correct air fuel mixture.
And that means I will have to feed the fuel to the injectors better
So...Fuel pressure regulator: This pretty much does what it says and regulates the pressure that fuel is delivered at.
Fuel pressure adjustment range: 196-588kPa (28-85psi) + Flow volume 40L/h

So the last link in fuelling is of course, the fuel pump. As fuel pressure increases, fuel pump flow rate decreases, for most pumps it's a linear decrease. The rate depends on the specific pump. The plan is to fit a larger pump from a GTR to help feed the beast. This should slot pretty much straight in without too much trouble.

All clear? Good! Simple isn't it?

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