Wednesday 20 April 2011

R33 Brake Stopper

Due to the high forces exerted against the bulkhead under braking, the Brake Stopper bolts onto the suspension turret and is adjusted upto the end of the master cylinder. Thereby reducing bulkhead flex for a sharper more direct feeling that can be felt from the brake pedal.

Originally I was a bit unconvinced by fitting one of these and many of them usually come in a pressed metal bracket. However I have gone for a machined item (see pic). This was supplied from SuperForma and although they were slow on delivery (no stock) they generously refunded my postage. I strongly reccomend you try them if your interested in high quality items. The part is not particullarly cheap, although quality components will usually set you back more (you get what you pay for) with postage it would have set me back near enough £70 (79 Euro or $114 USD).

The component comes is a matt shot blast finish. I can tell you that from my days working in the casting industry that this is usually to hide machining marks! I took the 400 grade sand paper to it and it actually did polish up quite nicely! So all in all it is a good quality item.

Supa Forma Brake stopper for GTST

After a quick buff and polish
 As the car is currently waiting at the tuners (Abbey Motorsport) for it's all important mapping session, I will have to keep you all in suspense as to fitting and if it actually feels like it makes a difference!


  1. btw...any news yet on when she is scheduled?


  2. Hi C, Yes well am still working towards the 6th May. Although work commitments (to pay for it! lol) are keeping me out of trouble. I'm supposed to be taking her for a day out on the 7th, to a big Jap meet in support of the earthquake fund for Japan. Although we shall see if it all comes together for that one, as I could well be collecting her that day. Still would be nice!

  3. Oooh! It would be great to have her back for that particular event!
    I will keep my fingers crossed for the 2 of you :)


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