Sunday 22 January 2012

Center Console

Even though it's a drag to do I'm planning on replacing the center console as I managed to put a scratch in mine.. I'm not sure if I'm to blame actually (I certainly don't remember doing it!). However as my ignition key has a wicked point on it I kind of suspect it was me!

I have had the center console out before and like I say it is a pain to do (which is why I have not done it yet). Not hard as such, but it does require the gear stick surround removing etc. To be really honest it is a job for a warmer day than we have now!

New/second hand console
As it was I managed to get hold of a GTS-25t center console from a breaker. Note a GT-R console isn't much good as the box on top is much smaller in depth. The car itself had only done just over 50k miles and although not brand spanking new and suffering a few cosmetic scuffs. It's good enough for what I want. Yes, I know it's probably a bit over the top doing this but my 'scratch' annoyed me!
I will put it in the bath tonight and give it a good scrub!

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