Friday 13 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Well here we are  2012 already and although I expect that there are many exciting things coming in the UK, such as the Olympics, um and more austerity. I myself will (naturally) amuse myself with my best girl Ms Skyline. So what's the plan, she's finished isn't she? No, not quite, in as much as the engine is 'done' I have a couple of niggles I would like to sort out. Immediately I am looking to obtain some carbon end caps for the rear spoiler, I'm not 100% sure that I will leave them carbon or paint them and will decide on this when I have screwed them into place. Having a black car means that they will not exactly 'stand out' being carbon, I have never really understood the carbon look as such and it always looks 'unfinished' to me!
Having said that I am also chasing after some 'B' pillars in the NISMO style. These are shockingly expensive, especially considering that they are nothing more than stick on items. However the joys of eBay have come through and I have seen some available second hand, still attached to the plastic covers. With a bit of luck I will nab these and achieve a balance with the B pillars and End caps both being carbon items.

The main modification that I am giving some serious thought to is bigger front brakes. Okay so the actual top end speed isn't any faster but the potential for getting there is, which I have found means that I go a lot quicker in a shorter distance, requiring much more right foot brake action!
There are already issues in this as how will my wheels fit, how big are the callipers etc. Ahh heaven!

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