Wednesday 25 January 2012

Nismo Carbon B Pillar Garnish - fitting

As per my last post, I managed to get hold of a pair of new Nismo B Pillar Garnishes. These come with what looks like a carbon effect finish and small Nismo logo at the bottom. Probably an easy modification to the cars looks, although (naturally) I made a meal of it!

Fitting was not exactly straight forward and having wind deflectors on the car meant I had to remove these first. A lot of people make the mistake with wind deflectors of trying to remove the actual deflector. Don't, you will break the clips and make more work for yourself. Instead I prefer to remove the door runner and deflector as one unit, it is a bit more of a pain as you have to pull out the rubber seal and undo all the screws. The other thing to be aware of is be really careful when this is out not to scratch the car and not to step on it! 

One my deflectors were out of the way it is just a question of making sure your pillar is nice and clean, deciding on your right from your left, peeling off the backing paper and sticking them on! It's always at this stage I get stuck, is it straight, could it be .0005mm to the left a bit, up a bit, down a bit, that kind of thing.

Standard Pillar

Nismo Carbon Pillar

Happily the sticky back is 'super' sticky so it should not fall off as soon as I hit 30MPH.

They look reasonably good on, although the carbon effect.. I don't know. I think it would have probably been better to buy a much cheaper cover made from 'real' carbon and live without the prized 'Nismo' logo. As it would certainly have matched the rear spoiler carbon better and saved a considerable amount of cash. At the moment I am getting a feel for it and review it in a week or so.


  1. I have to agree, the carbon effect is nice but does not match my spoiler either... maybe I should have gotten a cheaper cover as you say and simply stuck on a Nismo sticker?

    1. You do have the advantage over me of being able to go for the GT-R logo end caps, whereas I would need the long discontinued 'NISMO' ones (seemingly impossible to get). However maybe we have started a new fashion trend and are being over critical of our works of art!

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