Thursday 22 March 2012

muddle of bits

Well, been busy at work, very busy, well into the night work type stuff and I was getting more than a little 'punchy'. But then I have an expensive hobby that needs regular feeding (being poor from the car at least keeps me thin). So what do I have that's not been posted? Well tonight's entertainments were going to be spent in the garage, although that was delayed by yours truly getting stuck in a quality traffic jam on the way home for a couple of hours. A different kind of late night from the normal, in fact I think I would have preferred being at work!

So things I have been at.

New 'new' old grill. This has been sprayed and is going to be fitted tomorrow.
Ironically I broke all the spraying rules and got away with it. Sometimes less thought about what your doing seems to work!

You can just make out my Noodle Dinner in this shot.. Add Marmite for taste..

Replacement 'chromed' side indicator bulbs.
I have no idea how a silver bulb flashes orange.. But it does!

Replace the strut braces Cusco label. Way back when I first got my strut brace (before my blog even!), I think it's probably the first mod anyone does. Well it was a second hand purchase and very much looked second hand the aluminium being badly marked I attacked it with some 240 grit sandpaper etc. So the Cusco Logo (or what was left of it) was the first casualty of war!

Replace the bonnet.. Yes you heard right, Ms Skyline is getting some more carbon.

Why the sudden panic? Well she is getting her photo taken! Now personally I really disapprove of people shouting and waving about their cars and most of them want something for nothing (well we would all like that). But as she is about as good as she will be for a long time and has no need for photo touch up (I have seen a well tatty R32 made to look new!) its time for me to get something to hang on the wall!

So providing everything goes to plan or not, read about it here... See, it's an adventure!

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