Sunday 11 March 2012

Small jobs make the detail

Chrome Door Handles

My new handles have been sitting in my kitchen for the best part of a month now and today the Sun shone warmly, the car was about as clean as it was going to get and I had started to 'tinker'.

Well it was no good, the job had been ignored enough, it was time to fit the new internal chrome handles to the car.
Having removed the door cards at various times it is now an easy job to take them off and the whole job, both sides took about thirty minutes. I had been toying with Aki's modification of interior lighting, although as I think that this probably needs a little more thought (on my part), I decided to just get on with fitting the handles first.
Naturally I took various shots with my mobile phone, alas I do not seem to possess the correct lead for it at my house! Never fear, posh camera was brought into play!

Passenger Side

Drivers Door
 As mentioned in my last post, these handles were original equipment on the four door model. Interestingly most of the four door levels of trim were of a slightly higher, more refined standard to that of the two door. Having this small amount of chrome actually looks quite nice though and ties together well with the stainless Skyline door sills and the chrome dial rings.. More of them next.

Rev Counter GTS Logo

A fellow Skyline owner created a rather nice logo to go on his rev counter. Much in the style of the GTR logo, his was white with a red 'S' detail. Well as the old saying goes 'if you don't ask, you don't get' so I asked if it would be possible to knock me up one, rather generously he said yes, just to muddy the water a little I then further asked if I could have black on red (as my dials are white).
GTS Logo (resting on my knee!)
 So quickly fast forward the passage of time and my new best friend Paul (Nitros on the Skyline Owners Club forum) made this up for me, dropping it off when he was up my neck of the woods.
Naturally I was not going to wait and stripped out the dash this afternoon.

GTS Logo Up Close
 Naturally sticking it on was easy and it almost gives a 3D effect when in position.
GTS Logo (How it looks 'normal')
Happily doing this little job helped me kill a few birds with one stone, as I wanted to 'adjust' my speedo by a factor of a couple of MPH and I had a plastic on plastic rattle on the right hand side by the vent. Now I can drive within the speed limit, no rattle and have a reminder of what car I'm in.. Just in case I forget...

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