Tuesday 1 April 2014

Plazmaman fuel rail

Today feels like the morning after the night before and the realisation that a growing dark cloud exists over the project that sometimes I'm beginning to wish I had never started. Less of this defeatist talk, it's all part of the game!

So to follow on from yesterdays post. I took a call from my supplier here in the UK for the Plazmaman parts. It turns out that the fuel rail of all things is the culprit for the injectors plus the adaptors not fitting and that the injector bore size has simply been made too small.

My first thought was that this not only means that my injector adaptors won't fit but even a specific 14mm injector won't fit either. However Plazmaman say it is normal for their 14mm injector rail to have holes of 13.4mm to get a "snug" fit with the O-ring.
So my supplier is off to a UK firm with 14mm ID injectors in stock to physically test them in the rail.

Will it or won't it fit! 

So there is a possible solution. It maybe that it will be a costly one but at this stage I don't care and will clutch at any straw offered!

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