Sunday 29 March 2015

Summer Blogging

Hello Folks! 

Well Spring is officially here and all of us sleepy motor heads are staggering once more out into the strange new world made of tarmac, potholes and hopefully at some point, Sun. Yes that’s right (at the time of writing) it’s the yearly hurrah of having to change our watches to British Summer Time. Naturally being so, Mother Nature wants to join in with the celebration and it has been chucking rain down, with bonus, great gusts of wind thrown in for good measure. These have just enough force to catch the garage door, slamming it down. Usually on my head; just randomly enough that I forget what happened right on time to catch another face full of door!

So apparently the king of car shows is dead due to Jeremy Clarkson being mostly a buffoon (this is an English term for complete idiot). Possibly more sympathy would go out to the receiver of Clarkson’s right hook Oisin Tymon if (in his photograph doing the rounds) he didn't look so damn ‘odd’. It has since been reported that he will not press charges, presumably because he has already had enough of the (insert hated group here) knuckle dragging fraternity who love to hand out a death threat or two. 

I myself have had a few threats this year and my own share of internet trolling offered up. It certainly can be a drag and gets you to the point of saying ‘to hell with it’ and keeping my head down. However some considerable thought later, I have decided that this is my interest and I shouldn't be put off by trolls!

I feel disappointment in Clarkson really, I mean we all know he is a fool and a dinosaur (even he admits it), but in a world where it is fashionable for the general media to hate the motorist, he let all petrol heads down.
You see it really does not matter who you are, black, white, pink, green even a Honda driver; do not let small minded bullies rule your life. You just have to learn to live with the paranoia and feeling that everyone hates you! 

My other disappointment over the Winter months was my failure in collecting Shell Lego cars. You have to buy Shell 'Nitro' TM fuel. Which although for the Skyline, no problem. Is a bit of a drag for a diesel chug a lug. So I managed to get two before the 'deal' ended.. Not only did you have to buy fuel but you had to pay for the cars too. I'm still not sure why I have two of them and it must be my inner 12 year old demanding to be entertained!
Shell 'Lego' Racing Garage.
Anyway enough internal navel gazing there is a motoring blog to write!

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