Sunday 29 March 2015

Tool Corner

Hello and welcome to 'Daft Tool Corner' 
No it isn't the local ale house's care in the community old Master Well Hard, the mumbling mad beggar a quivering in the corner supping his cider. 
No this is the first in my shiny but not necessarily useful tool time reviews!

First off is my CoTech LED work light. I have a couple of work lights now all as bad as each other, one that takes a conventional light bulb (which always blows), an LED magnetic affair that of course I can never find enough metal for it to stick to and something similar to that which I'm always wiggling the batteries around in. 

So anyway I was in my local town and thought I would search for something more suitable at my Clas Olson store. 
I love this store and sometimes dread going in there for this, as I always come out with that! Anyway this time I actually got what I wanted (along with what I didn't want). 

The Work Light is reasonably powerful only mildly blinding me and giving me a Close Encounters of the Third Kind suntan when turning it on. It features 5-6 hours of use/charge Rechargeable, 60 powerful LEDs. Long life. Rotatable hanging hook. On/off switch on handle. Length incl. hook: 43cm. Comes with charger for 230V and 12V so is fully portable and can run of a car accessory socket.

If you don't live in Sweden or don't have a local store, then follow this link (correct at time of posting).

As you can see from the packaging this Work Light can be used by men or women! The scope here for comments can be compared to a scale of a fleet of JCB heavy diggers scooping their way to China. So will leave that one there. 

Adjustable ring spanner 5 -19mm (link)
I don't know if I will ever find a nut I can crack with this. It has a large head, not great for squeezing in the most awkward of places and it looks like it would be great for slipping.. However, it is a thing of 'lovelyness' and I needed it in my Toolbox! 

Olfa SVR-2 Snap-Off Blade Knife (Link)
We all need knifes in our tool box don't we? Being a clumsy oaf I primarily use mine to cut myself with, although on rare occasion I do some things constructively. My preference is for this snap off type blade as I hate loading up the 'Stanley' variety with blades and they blunt very quickly. 
However ignoring all of it's practical considerations, what I really like about this knife (apart from it is just sexy looking) is its title, what a great name for a humble knife with a disposable blade!

Mechanics 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest & Roller Cabinet (Link)
Everything that you would expect from a tool chest, lined drawers, lovely bearing smooth closing drawers and lockable lid...  Yes it's very good. However there is a problem with this tool chest and that is it's very cheap! I simply don't understand why tool chests are so overpriced although put a lot of it down to 'tool snobbery', come on people a spanner is a spanner (although I do have my favourites!). So do yourself a favour and check these tool chests out, for my garage it is perfect,

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