Thursday 9 June 2011

Cusco Front Strut Brace

Naturally I have had a strut brace to stiffen Ms Skyline on the bendy stuff for a while now. It's the first mod that anyone should do and works pretty good at stopping chassis flex.

However the one I have does annoy me a bit. For one it rubs against the top of the bonnet just enough for it to always looked marked and for two, the actual brackets were never very good.

I have managed to lay my hands on a Cusco brand of strut brace which I could not live without! I don't know if you can buy these new now, I certainly could not find any. The only options I have seen are cheapies on eBay (they look cheap too), Tein (okay but would need work) or some made from billet Aluminium at £300.

Anyway in way of a first post here's a picture of the turret tops, stripped and ready for painting.

Paint it any colour as long as its black

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