Wednesday 1 June 2011

New GTST badge

Long ago when I first got the car I had to consign the old boot badge to the bin. The original GTS-25T logo which as shipped is a transfer was well beyond saving.

At that point I was happy to go badgeless. I have seen others replace with stick on letters etc. Even (gasp) GT-R badges! Non of this was for me, nor the horrible GT-R style GT-S badges that seem so popular. However (for a change) Lady Luck glanced my way and when visiting Moff (moff shop) I chanced across a genuine Nissan aftermarket boot logo or as they say in Japan 'ornament'.

Moff showed me a neat trick for the removal of old badges. Rather than trying to pry off a badge by hand or risk your paintwork by levering it off. Simply get some nylon string and using it like you would floss your teeth, slip the string behind the logo and use a sawing action to remove it.

A short while later, with a bit of trimming of some sticky pads and my new logo is in place. Admittedly it does sit a little cramped with the GT-R spoiler in place. Although it passes the test of not looking crappy! hehe

To celebrate this I have included an excitingly angled picture.

Glamour shot!

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  1. Want one! I used braided fishing line to separate the glued on rubber gasket of the GTR spoiler ;) little bits of useful sprawled across your blog/inbox muhahaha


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