Thursday 9 June 2011

Front Splitter Pain!

After an argument with a ramp in which Ms Skyline came off second best, bottoming out and scraping the underside of the front splitter. I had two options, being, leave it, no one will look under her skirts or repair it.

The how hard can it be scenario?

So a bit of filler later and she was all in good shape again, although it did leave the problem of painting and as I am attending a car show this weekend, I did not have a lot of time to muck about. Initially I was just going to paint the underside and top of the right hand side, although extended that to the center and finally decided after much heart searching to do the whole front and the upper part of the right hand side!

At this point you think 'oh bugger'

As I'm getting experienced with crappy Acrylic paint now. I gave a quick blast of grey etch primer and a few coats of bright yellow filler primer to smooth out some of the deeper sanding marks. I then set about attacking with the Kuro Black spray, for which I used the HiCoat brand of aerosol spray cans.

Stay calm, stay calm!

These are a pretty good colour match and the pigments are not huge, although it is still difficult to get a smooth coverage 'first go'.

Another coat? or stooop!

The finished product does still need flattening down and there are some slight over spray areas that need attention, although I am letting the paint harden a bit more before getting physical with it. You do tend to find that the Acrylic finish dries a bit like plastic and can be 'peelable' when fresh!

Not perfect, but it will do til next time.
 Depending on how good I can get the ledge to the Intercooler (see below the number plate) I will decide if to spray it there or leave it.

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  1. Oh wow, that looks as new and very! shiny :).
    Am sure she will be the Queen of the show this weekend !


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