Wednesday 1 June 2011

Super Forma Brake Stopper Fitted

 Fitting the brake stopper was simplicity itself and there are two rubber grommet's concealing a couple of bolt holes on the suspension strut. Ping these out, bolt in your break stopper and wind the thread of the 'stopper' part up to the brake cylinder.

Brake Stopper Fitted
Very easy installation with no scraping of knuckles! As to a review of it in use, well I can't honestly say that it makes a whole heap of difference to the braking, maybe, although this could be me actually thinking 'is it working?'

Brake stopper kit made using high quality components is a straight bolt on component for most skyline models. The Super Forma brake stopper is unique in design and function. Due to the high forces exerted against the bulkhead under braking, the Brake Stopper screws onto the suspension turret and is adjusted up to the end of the master cylinder and vastly reduces bulkhead flex. The kit includes all fixings and fittings required. Visit the Superforma website here

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