Tuesday 6 September 2011

Current Project that no one will ever see!

Ms Skyline came complete with a hardboard spare wheel cover in the boot. At some point, something... nasty has leaked in there. Be it cooking oil or I don't like to think what. Anyway as you can see it is a most unpleasant piece of bent old wood. I have now commenced making a new one from the left overs of the MDF I used for making the speaker surrounds.
Naturally the humour in doing so is that most people remove weight from their cars whereas I always seem to be adding it! :) I will be attacking this mini project this week and hope to post the finished product shortly... Also there is a more practical reason why I'm doing this, which is that I need somewhere to mount a fire extinquisher (I have seen three Skylines burn this year and don't plan on being the fourth!)

Manky old Nissan offering.

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