Saturday 10 September 2011

Iron Tusk Fitted Side Skirts and Rear Spoiler

As alluded to the other day. My good friend aka 'Iron Tusk' has been a busy bee..Not content with changing his front grille for a lovely rare version, he has also been modifying the bodywork, fittings skirts and spoilers.

It was in the early days when I myself fitted skirts, spats and a front splitter to Ms Skyline. Although I did so many things all at once I was practically non stop in those days (and loving every minute). So it's refreshing to see others being bitten by the bug!

As it was so fresh for him I asked if he would provide me with a little info on the snags and problems or otherwise of doing the job..

Interestingly he did provide a narrative of sorts and probably an honest reflection of Skyline ownership in the UK. I provide it here unchanged for you all to enjoy...

Quoted from Iron Tusk

It would consist of;

•Get ripped off by a breakers

•lots of swearing, splitting boot lid from spoiler

•Pay through the nose for paint

•get angry when the original spoiler takes like 2 seconds to remove

•Fit with some difficulty in the impending darkness

•not be able to photograph\appreciate your hard work...

lol :-)

To be brutally honest I think probably we all have felt this after major work, although it is later that we start to appreciate how good the car looks and what an achievement that has been made.

Type M Skirts

Original GTR Spoiler

Bragging Rights in the dark
Without doubt, currently and without an ugly overblown FRP monstrosity bolted on the front and sides. This has to rate as one of the better looking R33's on the road. Many congratulations to Iron Tusk for creating 'Automotive art' its a thing of true beauty!

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