Tuesday 6 September 2011

Skyline Nismo Oil Filler Cap

To make the world a more beautiful place under my bonnet I have decided to invest in a NISMO oil filler cap. Currently Ms Skyline wears a HKS styled one and although I like it a lot I decided that I could probably do with a spare just in case when at a show someone steals it! Yes these people do exist!

I was surprised at how expensive a NISMO oil cap is actually and they retail around the £70 mark (€80 US$113)
Rather Sexy?
I was 'lucky' and managed to find a fine fellow who was abandoning his project build, selling off all his parts and picked this up for a not inconsiderable (but a bit cheaper) £50.00 I can justify this spend under the 'I need one' category!

The part is PN 15255-RN012. It is made from machined aluminum, polished to a very high standard. The blue tag you can see in the picture is to peel off the backing from the actual Nismo badge so that you can position it correctly when actually fitted to the car (you won't want the badge upside down now!). The logo/top face is also protected by plastic film and although tempting I will not peel this off until it is fitted to the car!.

All in all a very good purchase which I hope will go well with the chromed internals on the car.

Will just have to wait and see on the next post!

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