Saturday 3 September 2011

The next Interceptor?

As many of you already know, Ms Skyline has always been heavily influenced by the cars from the original Mad Max films. I never fancied a big old ugly V8, thinking the straight 6 probably the most wonderful engine ever to be produced! However that said, who could resist the Pursuit Special (later to have the title of 'Interceptor') with it's big old pointless pretend blower howling louder than the sirens, it was enough to make this teenager become all he could be...

As with all things, the flavours from our past come back to haunt us. Usually in a third rate 3D badly scripted film! The thing with the Mad Max movies was that they were about the 'car' a celebration of all things wheeled really. Well from the original Ford Falcon XB now we can bang right up to date with the new concepts that Ford are pushing out.


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