Sunday 13 February 2011

Dimming Down!

 Ms Skyline is an attractive beast, although it has to be said she does have some big amber eyes!
Much has been made of home Len's bodge jobs made from plastic strip light material. I don't think the purpose is to replace one ugly mess with another.
I have seen some aftermarket clear lenses but these are pretty elusive to find and in today's 'I want it now' society, especially with me, well I just can't wait maybe forever.
However I do have some old window tinting film and decided to experiment.
 Here we have the results. No comments on my sloppy work (this was a test!). I didn't think that the change was going to make any difference at first (being so close to it) as the lights looked pretty much still 'very' amber. However stepping back away from the car I think that you will agree, not only is the indicator 'toned down' it is actually pretty mean looking!
Spot the difference!

So one of the more easy modifications to do!


  1. Sloppy? You should see what I did with the sticker on my iPhone screen: a bubble! Wah! (I blame my nails and impatient nature) Anyways, looks good. Question though, is that legal in the UK? I know overhere you are not allowed to change the color of the lenses too much, something with visibility.

  2. Hi there, well the actual picture shows some film 'thrown on'. To do it properly I used soapy water and the real trick of a credit card with some masking tape to blunt the end. This is the best way to remove bubbles!

  3. As to legallity they are only slightly tinted.. My best guess is that they remain legal, but that will be confirmed in April when she is MOT'ed. If not legal then it is reasonably easy to revert back again.

  4. Ah yeah, soapy water and cc..meh, I wish I knew I have to live with a bubble!

    About the legality, sure you will blog about MOT in April :)

  5. What a fantastic car, a real head turner. I love it. So much hard work has gone into her.


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