Sunday 13 February 2011

R33 Bonnet catch fitted

Well as you saw previously I had obtained a new bonnet catch for the car as my old one was rotten. 
Out with the old

In with the new improved version

To say the old one was a 'bit tatty' was an understatement. I'm just glad that Nissan didn't build the whole car out of the same metal as the bonnet catch! It is a bit of a design flaw though as the catch sits leaning slightly forwards, so it gets a regular soaking every time it rains.

As previously blogged, I went with a high finished gloss coat originally. This was again abandoned for a more in keeping black satin finish. Although I would be the first to admit that the satin looks a bit gloss to me! Still that is probably my poor spray work rather than anything wrong with the paint (What am I saying!).
A rough idea on overdoing things!
Here is a full on shot of the engine bay. Replacing the bonnet catch is just a question of removing the three retaining bolts and unclipping the release cable. The hardest part being wriggling it out, clipping the release cable back in and then teasing it back into place!
Yes, I did scratch the new paint a tiny bit... But that adds character!

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