Friday 18 February 2011

Enforced relaxation?

One thing about being in the UK that we seem to be top at is avoiding hitting each other in cars. I remember one visitor to our island in the Sun, returning his hire car a day into his holiday stating 'you people drive in an 80MPH car park!'. So yeah, perhaps the roads can be a bit hectic which kind of defeats owning a sports car a bit.
However the real killer is when your on the motorway and there is a juicy accident!
Here is my current view, which I have been looking at for an hour, only the odd ambulance or cop car wizzing past for entertainment. Is funny as feel completely unsympathetic towards the poor people who are squished or dead. In fact if dead we may move sooner. Aw don't throw stones at me, you try sitting here for an hour!
I don't mind doing nothing, but not in my own time!


  1. No wonder you have roadaccidents there, you drive on the wrong side of the road!!!

    But seriously, am sorry for sucks, I always hate it when this happens and you just sit there..waiting!

  2. I found a dismembered hand in the road, think I will attach it to the bonnet of my car!

  3. If it is a good hand, that would be a waste. Better put it in freezer as a spare-part!

  4. It could be Dr Who's old spar hand! Anyway, I got peckish so ate it...


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