Wednesday 2 February 2011

JDM is cool?

When I first started out searching for impossible to get parts, I kept coming across the term 'JDM'. Thinking at first that this was some mythical firm creating wonderful parts, all became painfully apparent in the end!
Bet your excited now?
JDM actually stands for Japanese Domestic Market. The "domestic" there means that it is Japanese parts made for the Japanese market (some Americans seem to be confused and think that it means Japanese parts made for the US market.)
That's parts that have to be ordered from Japan, because they were never intended for any market other than Japan. Not every Japanese part is JDM. Most people who toss the term "JDM" around are using it wrong.
*DM applies to parts from and for ANY country. So you've got USDM, KDM, and...well, I guess with the EU, it would be EDM rather than individual countries, or maybe not, I'm not sure on that one. Perhaps one day I will be enlightened.
However, this has now been also "made" into an "auto style" if you'd want to call in that. In other words, "JDM-styled" cars can be just about any Japanese-made vehicle (even mini-vans and micro-compacts) that's been modified to reflect the different parts that can be added to reflect the car culture or following for that particular brand in Japan. Using the term JDM can also enhance coolness when inserted into any conversation about Jap cars (also see below).
Also like many pattern parts trades like to stick the JDM badge on parts made, well just about anywhere for anywhere, so in addition to all of the above JDM can = Crap!


  1. Oh, how come JDM = crap then? Do they make inferior stuff for some markets?


  2. No it's just that the term 'JDM' has evolved into anything that is not Original Equipment Manufactered. Pattern parts if you will. Any search on google against the word 'JDM' will throw up a crop of cool styled and tuned cars. However, imagine a seller of not very good or well made parts here in the UK. How are they going to sex up their wares to tempt us? Stick JDM in the title.. It also works the same for the term NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) nothing sells badly made chineese parts better!


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