Monday 31 March 2014

Not injecting a bit of magic after all!

Major post edit alert.. See the red bits!

I am a firm believer in thinking things through, getting it right, not rushing in.. I think we would all like to think that of ourselves to a greater or lesser extent wouldn't we?

Soooo, lets talk injectors shall we?

STOP PRESS: Okay I have spoken to the garage. Turns out that my moderation in blaming the adaptors was well placed and the problem is with the Plazmaman Fuel Rail. The injector rail holes being undersized. At time of writing I am waiting to find out just what the hell is going on and how on earth I'm going to get out of this one..

In my previous post I outlined some of the difficulties being experienced with what should be an off the shelf purchase. A fuel rail that will fit a Greddy inlet but after the specification changed, would not fit the standard inlet. This changed to a Plazmaman which takes 14mm injectors, I had 11mm injectors to fit the Greddy. More trouble, again sourcing from Australia 14mm injector adaptors (collars that sit on the 11mm injectors).

So how did I get on with my new found antipodean friends at Flow Fittings Direct?
Yes, this is really me fuming! 
 Actually not so great as it happens, the result has not been the coveted success I might have hoped, with the garage being unable to use the adaptors. First hand, I saw that the adaptors would not quite fit the fuel rail, although assumed that they would probably need to be tight and a push fit (they fitted the injectors like a glove).
However my garage think that the adaptor rings are .25 oversized, which is enough to ruin my day! I'm still not entirely convinced that the adaptors are unusable, although am caught between two camps now of the supplier and garage.

Possibly don't buy these! 
It would be unusual for me to be down on a supplier without their right to reply so I will see what they think of my garages observation and update.  

As to plan F? Well I need a new plan.. This has become the worlds most pointless post!

Welcome to Plan F (from an empty space, my head)

Still going with the top feed plan (well I have a fuel rail now!) am going to fit 725cc 14mm injectors.

What of the old fuel rail and injectors? Well I can probably easily sell this on to someone fitting a Greddy style inlet and at least cover my costs.

If I was to conclude a moral from this 'saga' it is to trust my instinct and would never have been here if I hadn't listened to an expert on the subject way back when starting out.

My sincere apologies to SJ who lugged the original injectors back from the States.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Injecting a bit of Australian magic!

Okay from the 6th February to whatever the hell the date is now (screws up eyes at watch) ah ha, the 18th March! So what has been achieved? Car complete?? Well no, can't rush these things now can we!

(Actually since my last post I have stopped smoking (hurrah) combine this with an avalanche of bad karma, generally being wound up at home and it should make for a post of random ranting.)

With so much going on with the car in general, my current part of this adventure seems to be currently orbiting around injectors.
As with everything it is always a good idea to 'keep it simple' and keep your hand away from the confusion button. However as with everything one decision affects another, information that would probably saved a lot of pain is not forthcoming and a cock up ensues!
So this is the way of the injectors. Starting out it would have been the original intention to fit a Greddy style inlet plenum, a fuel rail and injectors were sourced to suit this set up. However the plan soon evolved and a Plazmaman inlet was sourced, making the fuel rail useless as it is designed to fit a Greddy and not a Standard inlet.
Having sourced top feed injectors I really didn't want the hassle or expense of buying side feeds, so in an inspired moment decided to go with a Plazmaman fuel rail (may as well have the complete Plazmaman set up then). Alas I was not home and dry yet, you could say I wasn't even vigorously towelling myself down, as although the Plazmaman fuel rail fits the RB25 inlet fine, the injectors it takes are 14mm and naturally the ones I have are 11mm (Apparently Japanese sizes are 11mm).

Perhaps here would have been the perfect point to get side feed injectors after all and just write off the original injectors as a bad idea... But wheres the fun in that?

So logic dictates that there must have been others faced with this problem and to the internet I went. Turned up an 11mm to 14mm adaptor from Speedflow.

  • Aeroflow Fuel Injector Insert Adapters.
  • Made from 6061 T-6 Aluminium.
  • These handy little insert adapters allow you to use 11mm o-ring injectors in your 14mm o-ring fuel rails.
  • Simply fit these over you injector and then fit them into your rail.
  • Aeroflow Part No: AF889.
I sourced these from Flow Fittings Direct in NSW Australia. As time is super short on the project now I had to pay extra for expedited despatch (like twice the cost of parts!) and am now waiting with baited breath to see if one, they turn up on time and two, if they are actually any good (I just live for the excitement).