Nissan Skyline Technical Data

Strange Beginnings
The history of the Skyline’s conception and manufacture begins with the Prince Motor Company, which began life as the Tachikawa Aircraft Company, (a producer of the famous Zero fighter planes). This was dissolved after the second world war becoming Fuji Precision Industries; diversifying into the Auto industry it produced an electric car, the Tama in 1946.
The firm changed its name to Prince in 1952 to honor the investiture of Crown Prince Akihito, then back to Fuji Precision Industries in 1954 and finally back again to Prince Motor Company in 1961.

Prince found success in building premium cars, which included the famous brands of the Skyline and Gloria. Both these brands were absorbed in 1966 into the Nissan range after the merger between the two companies in 1966.

Although the name of Prince ceased being as a marquee, the name lived on as a dealership network for some time until Nissan consolidated its network.

It is interesting to note that although the Skyline soon developed into a sports coupe, there were also Skyway Station wagons.

Jumping straight into 1993 we see things get interesting (fo rme at least!) with the introduction of the R33 Series. The R32 set new standards for better looks, engines, handling and the R33 was set to continue with this thread.
The R33 was given a new body, being rounded off overall. It was also bigger and heavier than the previous R32. Pre 96 versions have decently shaped bumpers, giving way after the Spec 2 version to a more aggresive styled spoiler with large air inlets. The characteristic round tail lights were also kept. In some respects the main feature of unspectacular looks is a tasteful understatement. Now it is difficult to find many clean examples that have not been to the body shop for aggresive modification (which is a shame).

Under the bonnet lives a inline six cylinder engine. Which came in various flavours as listed.
RB20E (R33 GTS) This produced a maximum power output of 130hp at 5600rpm from 2 litres.
RB25DE (GTS and GTS4) 2.5 Liter Injected engine with 190hp at 4600rpm
RB25DET (GTS25T) 2.5 Litre Injected, Turbocharged inline 6 producing 250hp at 6400rpm and 294Nm of torque at 4800rpm.
Naturally best of the bunch is the GTS25T, this came in two forms, sedan or coupe. The only real difference here is that one has four doors, of course the coupe fairs better being the more sporty version (thanks to its lower weight and more compact dimensions).

All variants came with a four speed auto or five speed manual transmission. Suspension was handled by double wishbones at the front and a multi link setup in rear. ABS brakes as standard with vented disks on all four corners, with four piston calipers at the front and two piston calipers at the rear.