Friday 3 June 2011

Reading Monthly Jap meet

Every third Tuesday of the month like minded individuals get together to pose with some of Japan's finest. From cheesey Civics to sorted NOS monsters there is usually something interesting to see. Ironically there are usually very few Skylines that show up and the owners are never very friendly (probably don't like the competition).
Anyway here are some photo's posted on Skyline Owners forum.

The night was enhanced with an appearance of 'blue Stig' who was mysterious and entertaining.

The only down side was that it managed to rain as I made my way back home, just enough to make Ms Skyline dirty!

Blue Stig
Garage D motor, note top mount intercooler oil cooler (only been incorrect  for a year LOL)
This guy managed to crash his car before arrival (in a rather embarrasing spot!)
Note the drift style raised bonnet (don't let the Police get you £30 fine!)
Mazda Rotary.. Shamefully I have forgotten which one (Was talking to the owner too!)
JDM Style!
Don't think I would fancy this behind my ears!
Bling wheel nuts do not a cool car make

Driver had to replace bonnet after last one blew up, apparently going to wrap it in carbon.

Ms Skyline's engine bay

and again front on
Big thanks to Balloo2u who posted the pictures on Skyline Owners.


  1. The pink wheels are too cool!!!
    Caroline :)

  2. I know who the blue stig is!!! He is a well known racing driver...can you guess?

  3. I can guess.. Some say he is a 12 year old... That he wears womens knickers under is race suit and is as thing as a bit of paper.. We just know him as Blue Stig

  4. Correct! Of course it is, I was waiting to see if you were paying attention!


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