Wednesday 6 June 2012

The end of the road?

To Modify.

I'm not talking about saving a wreck or bringing a classic back to life. R33's are old, but not that old. They were pretty quick in their time, although now they struggle with, handling, acceleration, level of trim and fuel economy. Basically everything really is what you would expect from a car that ended production some 14 ish years ago.

To me Ms Skyline isn't a living and breathing thing. Who would want to drive 'high art' which basically is what I strove to create. What would be the point of it? Well ultimately there isn't a point, just the obsession that fills people to strive to create something.
Compared to other car marques it is a lonely existence, I have made some good friends but they are scattered to the winds and met some real BS merchants.

Most bizarre was the blog perhaps, that people would drop in and out of my 'Adventure' was unexpected. Although it is a big world out there, I guess that they can't all be bot's or wrong addresses?

Question is, would I do it again? Wah! You nuts?? No freaking way!

I think I will continue the blog for as long as anyone is interested.

As a last hurrah and whilst the car and myself are still intact. I had some photo's taken.
No Photo shop, just lighting involved.

Looks cool but Carbon is a pain

I have three centre consoles now..


  1. those photos look the nuts mate

  2. Great blog Karl, and pictures of car r cool..

  3. mate ive not had propper look at this blog but those pictures are ace and ms skyline looks the nuts


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