Wednesday 31 October 2012

HICAS Lock out kit

Hello, hello, It is probably true that notable by my absence from blogging and previous comments about the car being complete. The casual reader may think that I am done with this annoyance of a 'car', well I'm happy to report that I'm a long way from having picked up a fine pair of slippers and changing vehicle to a Nissan Juke (although I have always fancied a pipe). In the back ground I have been 'Beavering away'. Real life has slowed me down somewhat with such annoyances like cash flow being diverted to everyday living, but I'm hopeful that I can recover my strangled bank balance, back to a more healthy shade and start the year again with a bang!

The funny thing with blogging or keeping a diary is, that you have to be pretty firm about keeping it up to date, making a habit of even the most boring news? I have practically missed the whole summer on here and in some respects missed the point of what the blog was about, which is me, not you!

Still anyway enough of my musings on the subject, lets get to something fresh on the table.

HICAS Lock Out

It was never my intention to remove the HICAS (rear wheel steering) from the car. However randomly I do get the warning light pop up just to say 'hello'. Naturally I have fiddled no end with such convincing things such as cleaning connections and light oil spray. The problem would be impossible to diagnose as I have a APEXi Power FC ECU on the car and can't easily generate a fault code. Nor can I say I have tried that hard as it quite takes my fancy to junk the whole of the HICAS system in favour of a Driftworks Lockout Kit (or HICAS Eliminator as they call it).

Kit including Toe rods, Polybushes, Brackets and Mounting Hardware.
Replaces Hicas rear steering on Hicas equipped Nissans
Improves Predictability of handling.
What you get in the box

As it arrives - Slightly less glamorous!

As mentioned I am holding off fitting just yet, as there are some other suspension geometry parts I'm interested in. Additionally as tracking will be required, it would be a better idea to fit all the bits in one go, rather than keep chuck in tracking (wheel alignment) costs at £100 (UK Pounds) a go. 

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