Friday 26 April 2013

Meet my brakes

It is of course ironic that you throw yourself into modifying the car, increasing the power, making it look 'pretty' (depends on taste!) and completely ignore actually stopping the thing!

I have known for a while that my brakes are okay, not great, they stop the car.. but could be better, so I looked at various options and considered a 'big brake kit'. The only difficulty with these is parts, I'm not interested in mucking about when it comes to changing pads and having a limited supplier base in the UK. Only to find out that although available they cost the price of Greece's deficit to buy them.

So I looked for something slightly closer to home, asked around and decided to go for Brembo's which are identical to what's fitted on the R34 GTR and 350Z (in size, fitments differ).

A picture paints a thousand words.

Front Calipers
These were sourced from Godspeed brakes who I must say are incredibly helpful and probably when dealing with folk like me, patient!

All that needs to be done now is the small task of fitting the front and rear discs, calipers, pipes etc. Valiantly I am not going to be doing this and am reverting to the (what I consider) best Skyline garage in the UK Serious Performance Autos (07501 706023). I just hope I have not forgotten anything when it comes to parts! 

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