Friday 31 May 2013

A sticky Mammoth

There has been a fair old amount of attaching things to the car lately. Things that I would like to keep attached to the car and preferably not spend my time trudging the verges looking for, after they have made their bid for freedom.
Now in the 'sticky' technology stakes we have many offerings of glues and tapes. All making bigger and better claims of strength, prowess, speed and the ability to attract women. Okay not the last one, that's reserved for a brand of sickly (not sticky, or maybe it is) deodorant.

So up to this point the best thing I could find to secure badges back onto the paintwork are the sticky pads, reserved for things like number plates. The only down side with these is the removal process and the ton of crap that you have to pick off with your fingernail (they should make scrapers for sticky removal from old fingernails?). The only thing I dislike about pads, is that they are a bit 'thick' even 3mm is going to add an extra dimension that I don't want.

So after much 'beta testing' I am going to reveal the secret to all your sticky woes!

Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape

It comes in 12, 25 and 50mm widths. The stuff is just mentally sticky and adherers to about anything, this is a new type of double sided tape, the glued faces are carried on duck tape style weaved material (so its thin) and provide an immediate strong bond strength. I have not actually found anything that it will not stick and hold yet. The claim is that it can be used indoors and outdoors on virtually any material, without degrading under UV light. 
The benefits and applications are endless then, especially considering the need to do without drilling, plugging and unsightly screws. 

I have yet to come across this stuff in stores yet and as a comparison with other 'glues' on the worlds auction site Ebay, it seems too cheap to be of any good, especially comparing it to big name brands (which is why I thought I would give it a go). 

So if you want to stick something and have it stay stuck, you can try this or some young man's deodorant. 

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