Friday 9 May 2014

Exhaust'ing times

Yes, I have been to the exhaust manufacturers and no I could not resist the pun about it being 'exhausting'.

So I have this foo, foo 400R kit I will want to bolt onto the car at some point, although also there is the problem of my current system having moved back by a good 25mm pressing up and onto the current rear bumper, causing a mild bit of melting and general annoyance.
I have been told that it is never a good idea to have the exhaust system touching the car at any point and can confirm that this is especially no good when hot metal comes into contact with thin plastic. This seems to be a common ailment with Skylines though where I have seen countless bolt on heat shields and melted back bumpers. There was always the problem with my car that undoing the silenced CAT there would be an amount of adjustment, causing the system to swing upwards thereby resting on the bumper. Naturally this wouldn't be something that the garage would readily check, so it became an ongoing tiresome problem.

Something had to be done and that either meant chopping a bit off the existing back box or obtaining a new back box. Oddly it seemed easier to get a new back box and at least this way I could specify what I wanted. So I spoke to Matt at Fast Fit who supply custom made Long Life exhausts.

Matt doing his stuff
Keeping the bore exactly as it was I did elect to change the tail pipe for the Titanium burnt tip look. 

Finished product

Was feeling quite pleased with the result until my other half said 'you brought a blue exhaust!?' Mind you, it's all a bit subjective as who really studies an exhaust pipe that much (apart from me).  

Lifetime Guaranteed! 
I do like the fact that it has a guarantee for life or at least that is what I was told! Matt was great though, it probably helps that he already has a Skyline so could have probably done this with his eyes shut.

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