Thursday 27 September 2018

It has been a busy year for me personally and whilst still writing the blog most of the posts have been confined to the draft folder, awaiting pictures or project completions.

So what have I been up to? 

Toucan display 

The biggest project this year was fitting a Toucan display to the car. It required a lot more effort than at first thought, I unexpectedly found that I needed to fit oil pressure and temperature sensors. Not only for the Toucan to show the details, but also for the Link ECU to monitor them correctly. I brought into the Link selling razzmatazz, with them blowing the trumpet for all the safety features incorporated and assumed that the Link already monitored these two quite important aspects, well yes it can, but no not without sensors. 

Oil Pressure and Temperature sensors

The advantage of fitting sensors did mean that I could relocate the oil filter, which to say the least being buried under everything else was difficult to get to! The unit now resides at the front of the car with the work being done at Bells Auto Services in Ropley (near Winchester) UK. 

Bells also helped set up the Toucan (My Link knowledge being little to non existent). A word of warning here though, the Toucan needs an unlocked map to function correctly. A lot of mappers will lock and password protect their maps these days. You need to check with your mapper before purchasing a Toucan or other display. 

Traction Coil overs, Differentials and Tyres

Traction in a 600hp rear wheel drive car can be just a bit of an issue.
Just how do you convert the power and torque into something a bit more useful than spinning wheels? It seemed everything I did just knocked the problem on a step. The car was running standard shocks and Tein springs poly bushed all round.
The Auto diff I had been running (which was great when at 350 hp) had to go, for drifting it would be great but for driving it was a liability. 

So the diff ratio was changed to a 4.1 and a Kaaz 1.5 way locking differential fitted. The shocks and springs were changed to MeisterR CRDs and the wheel widths were changed from 8.5 to 9.5 for good measure.

Kaaz 1.5 way fitted
Traction was greatly improved although the car was still on 'normal' road going tyres. So I then upgraded these as well to Yokohama Advan AD08r's.
Although buying the exact same size as what was already fitted to the car, the contact between the tyre and the road is a lot squarer (the road going tyres having a chamfered edge) and this meant that the new tyres were rubbing on the wheel arch lip at the rear (who knew!). So this also meant that I either had to have the arches rolled or buy new tyres. I opted for rolling the arches (arch enemy UK). Again I found myself working on something completely different when wrongly assuming it was a straight forward task! 

Yokohama AD08R

Wheel Arches rolled by 'Arch Enemy'

Am confident that wheel spin from this point on is more the fault of the driver (me) rather than anything mechanical that can be added to the car! (in it's current configuration). 

Associated yearly problems.

After a very hot summer in the UK I was finding it alarming to have an alarm, with the engine light flickering after a run and restarting the car.Turns out that this was heat soak in the bay and the Link ECU warning me about ambient temperatures! Solution.. turn up the setting! 

Had some issues with the gearbox thrust bearing that got progressively worse. Annoyingly the car still worked fine but now and again the box/clutch would make a terrific grinding noise. Being on the gearbox this would go all the way through the car and rattle my fillings. So had the box removed and the bearing replaced at Bells Auto Services. 

Small water leak. Had to replace a Nissan clip on a hose near the cold side inlet. Still have no idea where the hose actually goes or why it is there! On start up the car would leak a little fluid (only on start!) and leave a small puddle on the floor. I had been puzzling over this for ages and having to top up the expansion tank until I caught the culprit at it! I actually had to go to Bells and asked them to take a look. Pressure testing the system they found no leaks, however they changed the clip for me (I couldn't get the darn thing off!) and the problem was solved. Nothing made sense about this, am convinced Bells Autos thought I was making it up and just wanted the attention!


It would be a disservice to Richard at Bells Auto Services not to take a moment to thank them not only for their patience with me this year but also the fantastic work and assistance offered to me. Find them on Facebook here

What's next?

A Nismo short shifter is winging it's way to my door. 
I am currently looking at changing the front end of the old girl and giving her a face lift in favour of an East Bear Masterpiece front bumper. Communication can be laboured with both parties being fluent in other languages! However at the time of writing I believe they are preparing an invoice, I just hope it is not taking time because the figures are so large! 

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