Wednesday 25 September 2019

Spit and polish

Well less spit and more polish please.

Having changed the Garrett GTX3076r core on the turbo it comes complete with a new front housing. The general finish is shot blast rough matt.
Horsepower: 400 - 750HP
Displacement: 1.8 - 3.0L

- Gen2 Aerodynamics feature increased horsepower range.
- Improved ported shroud design for surge resistance.
- New compressor housing aesthetics.
- Integrated speed sensor port.
- Standard rotation.
- Compressor side: TRIM 58 A/R 0.60
- Compressor Air Inlet: Hose 4,00" (101.60mm)
- Compressor Air Outlet: Hose 2.00" (50.80mm)
- Turbine side: TRIM 84 A/R 0.82
- Turbine Inlet: T3
- Turbine Outlet: V-band 3.55" (90.20mm)
- Bearing housing: Water and Oil cooled system.

Turbo in place

Sand blast finish

I have to confess that this would be more of a vanity project than one of urgent necessity! The photos are taken for my reference, as I have found (often to my cost) that weeks later when you come back to bolting things up, the distant memory does not serve well!
I used to work in the casting industry and a fine blast finish is great, it hides a multitude of sins and casting marks, but it is also a magnet for dirt and crud that is impossible to remove (let alone dirty finger prints!).

So I had a word with Johnathan @ Basingstoke Metal Finishers to take a look. Polishing is something I have done before, but for a true quality finish it is always best to speak to the pro's.

So will be back next week sometime to show how it turned out! The fun will be in trying to bolt the thing back on I suspect!

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