Friday 17 January 2020

New Year - Same desire!

I started out this year and am already at the car thing again.

Fancy bonnet prop for shows.

New catch can/water bottle.

Fitted an ATOTO A6 Pro car stereo, Dash Cam and DAB+ receiver.

Fixed an issue with the passenger side headlight where one full-beam refused to turn on. Was actually me at fault as one of my soldered joints (was experimenting at the time with heat solder joints) had come apart.

I am booked in to change the Mishimoto Type R Intercooler for something a bit more efficient.

Lastly am looking towards a minor cosmetic change in wheels with a staggered set from Japan Racing JR11's.

So although been a little silent (busy with house build) I have not been quite idol about keeping the dream alive!
The long shot

Pesky headlights am an expert on fixing hids now! 

Good view of the Garrett 3076R Gen 2 with a carbon inlet fitted. 

Not being one for stickering I couldn't resist Nengun's badge on the fuse box. Will it stay there? Probably not! 

Shipped a DEi turbo blanket in from the USA to the UK. It worked out a lot cheaper than buying here! 

Had to have the throttle body pipe fabricated to fit around the new catch can. 
Will try and put some order back into things and get posting again as much has been done. Some of it is actually of interest! I do have to say that the ATOTO A6 is full of win. It is one of the better Android units from China. It is an irony that I rarely play music in the car but for its sat-nav alone it is worth it to me. The unexpected bonus is that it looks really good (that is my opinion) and fits perfectly with a few cheats to get it 'just right'.

So, I'll be back! 

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